The Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference is one of HFTP's longest running and most successful Regional Conferences.  The Conference is regularly attended by Accounting and Technology professionals from throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.  On average, this conference is host to more than 80 professionals from over 60 businesses in 4 states.  If your client list includes the hotel, club or resort markets this is a must attend conference.  You would be hard pressed to find more exposure to your target market for the investment. 

"Jonas has been a sponsor of the HFTP Mid-South Conference for the past 4 years.  This conference has proven to be a great networking opportunity at a very affordable cost.  The various committees do a great job of promoting the vendors both prior to and during the event"
     - Paul Gillard - Vice President - Sales and Marketing 
        Jonas Club Management

Your presence at the Conference will definitely enhance the attendee's experience and offer them an opportunity to discuss your products and services.  And by sponsoring, you help keep costs low so that more of your current and future customers can attend.  To help drive traffic to you, all breakfast and receptions will be served from the vendor area.

"JPS has been a sponsor of the HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference the past 2 years.  I've personally been able to attend the last 3 conferences.  The organizing committee does a great job selecting the venue and positioning the sponsors for optimal interaction with conference attendees.  Sponsorship has definitely been a great move for us and we plan on continuing this."
     - Rollin Groseclose 
        Shareholder - Johnson Price Sprinkle PA

Sponsorship Opportunities
Conference Sponsor - $7,000
Education Sponsor - $4,000
Special Event/Reception Sponsor - $3,000
Platinum - $2,250
Gold - $1,500
Silver - $1,000

For Sponsorship details, please click on the 'Sponsor Package' Link below

For more information about sponsorships, please contact us.  For your convenience, additional information is also provided below.  Associate Registration is $250.